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2019 (2)

December (1)

Gillain-Barre syndrome following chemoradiation: Hi dear friends,  I had the misfortune of getting Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) in August, an auto-...

July (1)

Hip replacement: Hi   I have been put on the operating list for a hip replacement on the NHS in 2-3 months time. ...

2018 (4)

August (1)

How I coped during treatment - my top tips: Some people ask about what it's like going through treatment and what helps, or what do you wish yo...

April (3)

GP visit for hip pain: I saw a GP this morning and he confirmed that I have osteo-arthritis and, in his words, will likely...
PPALM study : The randomised controlled trial I am in is described here
Hello: Hi   I'm new to this group and finding my way. Thank you for the warm welcome and help to get sta...

Vital Info


April 16, 2018

London, United Kingdom SW14

January 2, 1959

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma

Stage 1

0.1 - 1.0 cm

Grade 1


Empathise, share experiences and practical tips. Share new reliable research knowledge

The Marsden, Sutton, England

August 22, 2015


originally: tiny amounts of bleeding, fecal incontinence, passing of clear mucous. Later itching at the site of the tumour.


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